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The Directors of The Russell Mills Foundation realise that there are other individuals, trusts and corporations that actively support arts organisations and that are as interested in promoting fairness and justice in Australian society. The challenge for us all is that supporting a vibrant arts community and promoting the value of the arts within the wider community, takes energy and money. Our creative artists and administrators have the energy but they do not always have the money.

John Lennon famously sang, “You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” Wouldn’t it be wonderful if dreamers like us could join forces from time to time to enable something different, bigger and more expensive to happen than we could support individually? By adopting a little of the collaborative creativity and imagination shown by our ingenious recipients it might be possible to do just that. We are looking for projects and proposals to excite the imagination of dreamers. Whether the focus be on art acquisitions, a series of performances or events, a developmental project, or some other goal, a number of us gifting amounts within our means could make something glorious happen.

We would love to hear from organisations and philanthropists who share our passions for photographic art, books and ideas, music theatre or promoting fairness and justice, and who are dreaming a dream. As we say to groups we back, we may not always be able to offer support but we are always ready to listen.

If you would like to chat about shared giving please contact us via our email:

Lyrics author: John Lennon, 1971. Copyright: Lenono Music



PO Box Q43, Queen Victoria Building,
NSW 1230

The Russell Mills Foundation
ACNC 84 298 303 859

Slider images:

David Moore (1927–2003) Landscape Nude I, 1973. Silver gelatin photograph. MAMA collection. © Estate of David Moore.

Atul Gawande interviewed at Sydney Opera House. Photograph: Prudence Upton.

Mark Kimber (1964) Death and his brother sleep, 2014. Pigment print, edition of 6 + 2AP. MAMA collection. © The Artist.

Mella Jaarsma, Shaggy, 2008. Hair, hair curlers, iron construction, 160 x 60 x 50 cm. Courtesy the artist and Singapore Art Museum. Photograph: Mie Cornoedus.

Olive Cotton (1911–2003) Only to Taste the Warmth, the Light, the Wind, c.1939, printed 1999. Silver gelatin photograph. MAMA collection. © Estate of Olive Cotton.