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The Foundation

The Russell Mills Foundation is a legacy bequest established by Russell in 2014 to encourage the arts and social justice in Australia. Each year the Foundation awards financial gifts for projects that extend the reach and relevance of the arts in Australian society, and realise the principle of ‘a fair go for all’ in everyday working, community and personal activities.

Three words summarise Russell’s vision for the work of The Russell Mills Foundation: ideas, experiences and humanity. The Foundation assists charitable organizations to bring a diversity of ideas about contemporary issues and age-old questions of human existence to the attention of Australian audiences. Experiences of public conversations and arts media events allow people to engage creatively with such ideas in ways that nurture greater empathy and understanding that are characteristic hallmarks of decency and humanity.

The value of the Foundation’s work is seen in the enthusiasm of creative and performing artists in undertaking gifted projects, the appreciation of individuals who experience the projects, and the ongoing presence of strong voices promoting fairness and justice as fundamental principles of the Australian way of life.




PO Box Q43, Queen Victoria Building,
NSW 1230

The Russell Mills Foundation
ACNC 84 298 303 859

Slider images:

David Moore (1927–2003) Landscape Nude I, 1973. Silver gelatin photograph. MAMA collection. © Estate of David Moore.

Atul Gawande interviewed at Sydney Opera House. Photograph: Prudence Upton.

Mark Kimber (1964) Death and his brother sleep, 2014. Pigment print, edition of 6 + 2AP. MAMA collection. © The Artist.

Mella Jaarsma, Shaggy, 2008. Hair, hair curlers, iron construction, 160 x 60 x 50 cm. Courtesy the artist and Singapore Art Museum. Photograph: Mie Cornoedus.

Olive Cotton (1911–2003) Only to Taste the Warmth, the Light, the Wind, c.1939, printed 1999. Silver gelatin photograph. MAMA collection. © Estate of Olive Cotton.